Thursday, June 23, 2011

Concept Motorcycles Ducati Superlight 1100, Superbike Cheapest?

Milan - This motor is a motor that is still a sketch of a computer and have not been produced. However, if produced, Ducati Superlight 1100 is sure to be attracted.

Because the motor is designed Mario Antonioli, graduated from the Industrial Design of Milan Polytechnic is quite aggressive.

Display Superlight 1100 successfully combines the concept of retro and modern. The impression did not look old school, and instead emerged was a unique impression.

View the concept is increasingly ciamik with rim bolt 5 with 2 twigs in each bar. While adopting the concept of vertical rear suspension.

As reported by motoblog on Thursday (23/06/2011) 1100 Superlight not use the full fairing, but the machine is left naked behind the framework. Not only of different designs, the ability of the engine is also not a class.

It is not clear that the engine capacity will be pinned. But if Superlight 1100 materialize, the designers wanted Superbike 1100 is using the engine power 100 bhp air-cooled.

The goal is that the bike is lighter, affordable by the fans.

With this concept, Superlight 1100 in the eyes of its designers it would weigh 120 kg and if sold at a price of USD 99 million. Well, if produced, could be priced for it not?


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