Sunday, June 12, 2011

Champion, praised Edwards's doctor

Silverstone - One week after the accident that made ​​his bones broken, Colin Edwards can actually third on the podium at the British MotoGP. Such a huge success for her dedicated doctors.

"I do not know what to say. I choose a good doctor, and he did a good job," Edwards said after the third podium at the race track wet British MotoGP.

Casey Stoner's victory remains the largest news British MotoGP title, but the racer with the most surprising performance is Edwards. Starting the race from eighth position, the drivers from the United States was then able to go up lectern

The success was remarkable because the new Edwards had an accident in free practice sessions Friday at the MotoGP last week that made ​​Catalonia suffered fractures collarbone. He had surgery on Saturday and race on Sunday, despite failing to finish.

"Collarbone I no longer be a major problem - I separate my muscles from the rib, that's what really hurts."

"It's unbearable. (But) after 10 or 11 laps I thought 'Well, can checkered flag was flying because we knew we were going to finish ...' Difficult to keep everything on two wheels, "continued Edwards.

In addition to doctoral, technician Yamaha Tech 3 can also be a special appreciation of Edwards. Motor mount was experiencing great changes in set-up after undergoing heating in the morning.

"We did not even try to set-up that we use during the race. We went out this morning with the set up is completely different and apparently it does not work so we start the race with a different set ups and it worked," Edwards finished.


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