Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Concept Cars: Aprilia Kerkennah

Aprilia Kerkennah concept motorbike

Aprilia Kerkennah concept motorbike

Aprilia Kerkennah concept motorbike

The Aprilia Kerkennah motorbike was a concept supermotard created by Italian designer Donato Cannatello in conjunction with Aprilia. The unusual Kerkennah name takes after a small desert island located off the coast of Tunisia.

The Aprilia Kerkennah was designed with commercial materials in mind, no carbon or titanium, instead sturdy aluminum, steel, and magnesium.

Apart from the single cylinder engine, all of the Aprilia Kerkennah has been designed with alternative solutions in mind. It is a concept technologically avant-garde, but not revolutionary. The most dominating characteristics of the Kerkennah is the location of the radiator behind the engine, and the seat-tank unit which can be lifted up and forward in order to access the engine and mechanical elements from the top.


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