Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What's The Best Superbike

Ducati 1098

Suzuki GSXR1000

Kawazaki ZX-14

Kawazaki ZX-14

When it comes to Super bikes, every biker will have their own opinion. There are millions of bikers out there and the super bike fraternity is just as diverse.

As any other area of biking. I'm sure I will get a number of readers who profoundly disagree with me so it is just my opinion but for me a superbike should not only offer the rider fantastic power and speed coupled with a real bike raw. It should Also look fantastic and have a great racing heritage. For me the bike that hits all the right buttons is the Ducati and inparticular the Ducati 1098 which I think is probablyThe most beautiful bike currently in production. The are many contenders including the Suzuki GSXR1000 K6 or Kawazaki ZX-14 or you may consider a Yamaha R1 all great bikes and great to look at but the Ducati is a work of art and also comes with the added bonus of being Italian and benefiting from typical Italian style. I know it wont be to all super bikers taste some purists will have their own strong convictions on the Best super bike.

Ducati have been making great bikes in the racing arena since the 1960's so they also have a great heritage. Call me superficial but I also love the colour schemes simple and classy. Another matter entirely having purchased a super bike is insuring it, not generally a very inexpensive experience. However if you think of the sheer power and performance a super bike offers and then compare it to its four wheel equivalents such as super cars Ferrari, Mclaren or a Lambo, you find you are getting a much better deal on a bike. As with anything Super bikes are a matter of opinion Its just I happen to think I am right about the Ducati 1098.


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