Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Concept Cars: Yamaha Maxam 3000

Yamaha Maxam 3000

Yamaha Maxam 3000 handlebars

Yamaha Maxam 3000 rear

Developing on the base of the popular urban tandem cruiser "MAXAM," this is Yamaha's proposal for a new type of big cruiser with the design concept of a "weekend leisure cruiser." Building on the MAXAM's low & long body design, this model boasts a completely new pick-up styling that includes focus on important things like storage space in its under-seat compartment. In addition to the big added stretch of overhang front and rear, touches like abundant use of chrome parts and a genuine leather seat bring a sense of true quality such as never seen before in a big scooter. (The 3000 in the model name is for its 3,000mm length)


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