Friday, December 31, 2010

how sekur / sekir valve

Valve Maintenance 
 IN the automotive world, causing damage to the valve or valves of the most common is the cradle of corrosion on valve (valve seat). In addition, the valve that intersect with the holder. This can only be overcome by grinding the valve and its seat or lay people have called sekur valve.
As do the following:

1. Provide coarse grinding powder (coarse), fine grinding powder (find grind), plastic tubing, 25 cm (to rotate valve) which amount is in accordance with the diameter of the valve stem, valve spring opener tool (tracker), and gasoline as necessary.

2. Open the cylinder head from the stand, put in place so as not to disturb loose skir valve job.

3. Open one by one valve with a tracker, then pull the valve off its seat, rubbing the side of the valve surface with coarse grinding powder. Then input return valve, connects the valve stem tip with a hose, then turn the hose over and over again until the surface of the valve and the valve hole smooth.

4. Remove the valve again, rubbing the surface of the valve with fine grinding powder, then turn the hose over and over again until blended. After that, clean up the remnants of dirt with gasoline. To test the workmanship skir, Close valve tightly into the valve hole lip. Pour gasoline taste. When gasoline was reduced, meaning the position of the valve and the valve hole is flat.

5. Further work to check the strength per valve. By using a special tester tool you can find out the compressive strength per valve. If the pressure is less than that required or the difference reaches 10% weaker than the original pressure, as should be replaced. If not, you will face the risk of valve function is not perfect at high rpm.

6. After all the work is over, do not forget to replace the rubber oil seal (oil seal) valve. Each carried skir valve, oil seal must be broken and put back all the components like the original.


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