Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Concept Cars: Dodge Tomahawk

Dodge Tomahawk Concept motorbike

Dodge Tomahawk concept motorbike

Dodge Tomahawk Concept motorbike

Dodge Tomahawk Concept motorbike

The insane potential widowmaker Dodge conceived and subsequently named the Tomahawk was first seen in 2003 at the Detroit Auto Show. The bike is powered by the same 500 hp 8.3 litre V-10 found in the legendary Viper, and is capable of propelling the concept up to 300 mph+, theoretically. However in practice the poor aerodynamics of the bike would cause it to become unstable at high speeds and it would be suicidal to try.

Dodge produced the Tomahawk concept to hammer home its power orientated design philosophy, which encompasses cars such as the Viper, Magnum SRT-8 and Hemi Super 8 among others, it was never intended for mass production.

Dodge sold a very limited number of Tomahawks as rideable pieces of modern art to a select few of rich enthusiasts.

Overall the design of the Dodge Tomahawk is one of clean machined lines housing the massive, partially exposed engine and 4 oversize wheels.


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