Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Honda Unicorn 150cc Bike

The Honda Unicorn 150cc, the very first pure Honda-badged motorcycle from Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) has been doing duty with us for the better part of over five months now and judging from the performance dished out to date, it seems a competent motorcycle more than the outright champion everyone, we included were hoping it to be. There is no denying that on the hype of expectations, the Honda Unicorn hasn't delivered in the measure many wanted it to. The Honda name tag though helps sell the Unicorn in good numbers and while at launch the Unicorn did not come with an electric self starter, the company has made amends and launched a bike so equipped last month.

Honda Unicorn's Styling

The looks might be average but the turnout is good though yet again not in keeping with the exacting Honda standards. HMSI did recall our bike to fix a few detail niggles which were part of the initial batch and we have had no complaints so far. However look at the black screen and the way it integrates with the flaring and there are huge gaps. Whether this is by design or default is hard to make out but its there.

Honda Unicorn's Performance

The clutch actuation is a joy for many riders but there is that typically Honda notchiness (from its big bikes of course) in the first two gears which makes shifts a tad hard, notably when starting from cold. The engine needs a good wringing to get it to really motor but then the emphasis has been always on good mid-range lugging with two astride and this tuned and geared for fuel efficiency means that rapid fire getaways are disappointing. There is a positive aspect to this though, with a sweet low rev cruise band which helps take everyone from point A to point B without fuss and in sheer splendour.

And speaking of splendour, the Honda Unicorn 150's monoshock is the one redeeming aspect which the enthusiast riders in our team crave for. Shame that there is not more performance on tap from the bike to make us exploit the virtues of this directly mounted central shocker. Clearly this Honda is one for the masses and in that scenario it has been playing its part with us to the hilt. Didn't we tell you that the future of the executive segment has all to do with the 150cc class?

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