Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Concept Cars: Kawasaki ZZR-X

Kawasaki ZZR-X

Kawasaki ZZR-X

The Kawasaki ZZR-X concept was first shown at the 2003 Milan Motorcycle Show. The ZZR-X was billed as a high speed tourer, but its ingenuity lies in the adjustable riding mode mechanisms which allows the rider to adjust the ZZR-X to suit road conditions and riding styles.

The Kawasaki ZZR-X can be changed to suit low speed touring, with raised screen and protective fairing, all the way up to full-on sport mode, where the screen and fairing move into their most aerodynamic position.

The fairing also changes shape depending on speed, modifying its shape to the optimum profile.

The Kawasaki ZZR-X concept has other clever design solutions, including; radical cone-shaped, rim-mounted disk brakes designed for maximum cooling efficiency, a mass-centralised fuel tank, a large storage space in front of the seat, and a silencer built into the curvaceous bodywork.


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