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2006 YAMAHA MT-0S Concept pictures | Accident lawyers info |

2006 YAMAHA MT-0S Concept Motorcycle Pictures.
- The MT-0S Sports concept bike explores new possibilities inspired by the fundamental MT philosophy, and continues the Torque Sports theme in a more sports oriented direction. -

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2006 YAMAHA MT-0S Concept

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Following the highly successful launch of the MT-01 torque-sports roadster in 2005, Yamaha have been exploring new possibilities and considering alternative directions for this large capacity V-twin roadster.

The public reaction to the MT-01 has been outstanding, and in its first year this new torque-sports machine has attracted a great deal of interest from those discerning riders who are seeking to experience new sensations.

The distinctive combination of a high-torque V-twin engine and a compact sports chassis delivers immediate riding excitement, while the sound and character of the pulsating engine makes this a unique riding experience.

MT-0S Concept

The MT-0S Sports concept bike explores new possibilities inspired by the fundamental MT philosophy, and continues the Torque Sports theme in a more sports oriented direction.

Yamaha's engineers looked at how the standard MT-01 could be developed in a more speed-oriented direction, whilst retaining the core values of the original machine – primarily the torque-based riding sensation, and its mechanical and minimalistic look.

To reach this goal the design team have introduced significant changes to the chassis specification and body styling, while leaving the powerful 1,670cc air-cooled engine unchanged.

The MT-0S features a new half cowling for wind protection, as well as a larger reshaped fuel tank, and a slimline mono tail unit with exposed underseat exhausts for reduced weight – which together are intended to offer a sportier riding experience.

Large air intakes flow into the huge V-twin engine to express the massively powerful character, and also serve to emphasise the bike’s mass concentration. And to give the bike a higher performance potential, it gets new front and rear rims, a wide rear tyre and new swingarm.

The result is that the new MT-0S concept bike succeeds in looking both powerful and aggressive, and yet at the same time this sports oriented V-twin is also simple and beautiful.

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