Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Best Kawasaki Z 1000 SX Tourer 2011

The general initial impression of all was that the concept  A photo shoot and tracking shots completed the group enjoyed slightly better weather for the run to lunch and the first chance to collect their thoughts and make notes in the comfort of the lunch stop. Able to “feather” the throttle on the fuel injected bikes and use the gears for braking as well as the “feel” of the radial front brakes, all riders navigated unfamiliar roads with ease and praised the confidence the bikes engendered. As an unplanned test of the handling and poise of the new bike, there could have been none better. With darkening skies, the conditions were challenging especially as it began to rain on previously sun baked roads creating what could only be described as “limited adhesion” characteristics.

Day one and the group left Malaga and made their way via Monda and Coin towards the romantic hill top town of Ronda, itself a destination for many motorcycle and car launches in this popular part of Spain with manufacturers. Representatives of the European media  including the UK motorcycle press – spent two days riding both variants of the machine on differing Spanish roads in a variety of conditions including what might be called “typical UK weather that being rain! Based on the popular Z1000 Streetfighter, the new concept is a machine which effectively bridges the gap between the naked urban concept of the Z1000 and the Supersport Ninja models by adding long distance fun yet not incorporating some of the “compromises” that many sport riders accuse conventional tourers of.  Close to Gibraltar, the popular southern Spanish town of Malaga played host to the launch of the much anticipated Z1000SX and Z1000SX Tourer in late October.


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