Friday, December 3, 2010

The Best Kawasaki ZX-12R 2011

Did we mention the ZX-12R is undefeated in Formula Superbike and a major contender in Streetbike Shootout in AMA ProStar drag racing? And adjustable suspension components straight off the top shelf deliver impeccable handling and grown up ergonomics ensure a comfortable ride, even in predator status. For horsepower junkies, the muscular DOHC mill is built to satisfy your primal urges for hard acceleration.

Cycle World in 2002 summed it up nicely: If top speed is your bottom line, Kawasaki rules! The ZX-12R begins with a rigid monocoque aluminum backbone that wraps closely around the huge 1,199cc digitally fuel injected engine for unparalleled handling and cornering agility. Their bike of choice is the Ninja® ZX-12R, quite simply the strongest and most advanced Kawasaki sportbike ever. They’re creatures of power, intelligence and skill, and all before them flee or cower in submission.  Apex straffing fanatics roam the hills and the valleys.


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