Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ducati ST2

The overlooked Ducati family - sports touring motorcycles. While Monsters rule in town and the Superbikes jostle for supremacy on the track, few think of these practical yet exciting machines when Ducati is mentioned.

The Ducati ST4's more powerful 916cc engine is the biggest difference between it and the Ducati ST2.The Ducati relies on an old power plant derived from Ducati's old 907 Paso. Like most Ducati motorcycles it's a 90 degree V-twin. It's liquid cooled and while not unbelievably powerful is torquey with superb midrange. The Ducati ST4 is a newer bike with the more advanced and powerful 916cc engine from the iconic Ducati 916.The sports and street machine DNA is obvious in these motorcycles - they handle well, stable yet reasonably quick to steer.

Neither the DucatiST2 or Ducati ST4 should be out of its depth on a track day. Bumpy roads can upset the DucatiST4 but adjusting the suspension can help. Vibration can spoil the party but if properly serviced it shouldn't be too noticeable.Touring on a Ducati is a contradiction in terms for most bikers. The Italian machines are renowned for many things, but bimbling along admiring the scenery isn't usually top of the list.

Powerful brakes. Panniers are a cost option on the Ducati ST2 and Ducati ST4 but otherwise standard equipment is reasonably generous on both motorcycles - they are on the sporty end of the sports-touring continuum. Riders always seem comfy but the pillion perch seems to suit others better than others so get yours to try before you buy a Ducati ST2.


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