Saturday, December 11, 2010

Modifikasi Yamaha Mio Racing American Style

Not wrong if Kinkin listed as a member IM3 Ambarawa also look into installing the trend of racing his Yamaha Mio. "Modifications la mocyc (motorcycle) Thailand is more loved in the country but must still promote creativity in a typical country boy alone!" He said.

Joint forces MODIF IM3, Kinkin execute the motor assembly in 2007 was full aura of drag racing and highlights by applying the bike short wheelbase, low seat, handlebars and the crouch abis provides unique installation of wheelie bar on the drag bike leaning to the American Style.

INTERNATIONAL concern fused brush Salatiga Modified spray is also not the origin, namely by promoting creativity side tribal graphics with minimalist and intricate detail the basic colors yellow after striking an increasingly cuilong Spieshecker two layers of clear-coated. Switch to the under carriage, dressed with aseso Kinkin racing, such as V-shape rim 17 inch slick smooth rubber covered to emphasize the aura drag bike. The kitchen was also upgraded runway to the finish. Engine capacity of 200cc grafting piston jacked so Tiger sprayed carburator owned Honda NSR SP innate. "Last fueled racing ignition to CDI's Mithsuba Rextor, oil cooler to exhaust racing CLD," lid.


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