Monday, December 27, 2010



Kawasaki Ninja - a radical modification of the neat and steady for oprasional.

"It looks expensive bgt, whereas if we'd be dibandingin more than Japan should modif motor, lots of crazy modif the price exceeds the price of Aprilia. but cuman doang models which all have the Aprilia Mito.Upside or down, gedhe tires, etc.. "- by Girifumi

Create crazy bro modif Girifumi assumption may be a bit much to make them mengerinyitkan forehead. But for most bikers, especially for bikers who think economically and bikers that prioritizing originality factor may very Girifumi bro assumption is correct.

Cost Factor

An example is the owner of Honda Tiger Revo (nyari safe mode-on), regardless of the cost of the average motorcycle owner modification goal was not far from the model SP NSR, Aprilia or Cagiva Mito. Even beyond the standard may modify them by replacing the light front leg into the foot upside down, the rear suspension to monshock to buy parts like fuel tank parts and the rear panel. Finally, after the modification with the cost of not less be a motor Tiger Revo is a bit like Aprilia, or SP with oddities here and there. The most severe is a radical modification of saving package style, intended to make cost savings, it is the waste and wasting time. Why? Many incidents where the motor modification costs became more expensive than the cost of buying a motor "original" that the goal of modification, is it even a strange hasilnyapun.

Originality factor

This is probably the most controversial paragraphs ever posted in INDOBIKERS. There is a question that is quite intriguing. Does the costume Barcelona numbered 14 you have to be Thierry Henry? Of course not, but certainly you have stated to anyone especially to people who see you that you are a fan or at least sympathizers of the former king of Arsenal. Bahakan if Thierry Henry "original" yes definitely saw you too will smile with you. But by installing fairing Yamaha R1 on the Tiger Revo you, and you happen to run into a real Yamaha R1 would certainly different situations. Maybe nothing happened seemingly anything but actually the driver will only R1 confusion with which you ride motorcycles, often bahakan who scorn it out in the mind of the driver R1 "authentic" is. Besides, whether by using R1 and the fairing you may be necessarily anggot club R1? Unfortunately it's not going to happen but certainly you will lose motor identity.

Creativity without borders

Modifying the motor is the development of creativity without boundaries. But the best pure goal is to modify the original idea, do not imitate or trace moge existing, let alone trace CBU motor sport that costs not much (about the same cost-red) than the price of your own bike. What is clear radical modification of the motor is generally less suitable for daily use. Because like any of the conditions most appropriate motor standarlah used for daily oprasional. If still want to modify the bike but with the condition should be used as a vehicle steadily oprasional daily, the best option is to make minor modifications. Changing tires, veld handlebar and the front or Menganti sockbreaker color and striping pattern into the most appropriate choice. Good luck!


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