Friday, December 24, 2010

The Yamaha Motorcycle VMAX

The newly redesigned 2008/2009 Yamaha VMAX is coming soon! The new version of the VMAX is even more striking than the former, and much nastier looking! Some reports have the new version at 200 horsepower, but at this date the information on the next-generation VMAX is few and far between, so until the specifications become available, this review is on the 2007 version of the VMAX.
The Yamaha VMAX has been pounding the streets since 1985, chewing up the rear tire with pure adrenaline producing power!

The VMAX has an old-school style, with new-age technology. Fans of this style love the VMAX for its upright seat position and mid center of gravity, and the ram-air intakes next to the tank make it look mean! Since the VMAX made its debut in 1985 it's been a huge part of Yamaha's success. This bike is well built, so well built that you can still find the 1985 version of the 'Max for sale in your local paper and on Ebay. That's pretty remarkable considering it would be 23 years old in 2008!

The VMAX has an 1198CC motor and the famed V-Boost. The V-Boost is a patented fuel system that dumps high amounts of gas into the motor from a variable intake system when the motor reaches 6000RPM and above. Four Mikuni carbs provide low to high end performance in a silky-smooth fashion. To aid in handling the VMAX's gas tank is located under the seat, also providing room for large airboxes positioned over the carbs. A large 6 inch tire in the rear hooks up this beast to the road while dual 298mm front discs and four piston calibers on the front and a single 282mm disc rear brakes stop this beast, although you probably won't want to! The VMAX features a seriously strong shaft drive that is very low of maintenance. The VMAX is a very well built motorcycle that has stood the test of time.


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