Monday, December 27, 2010

Suzuki GS150R

The Suzuki GS150R bike is perhaps the most anticipated motorcycle that is going to be launched in the Indian market. So far the 150cc game has been ruled by a few companies namely Bajaj with their Pulsar and Honda with their Unicorn. More and more people are moving from 100cc bikes to 150cc bikes by skipping the middle 125cc segment.

With better jobs all over India, people are able to afford for a better biking pleasure. A little more bhp will add a little more adrenalin and it is the most satisfying feeling for a biker. This is a perfect time for Suzuki to launch their new 150cc bike, the Suzuki GS150R. While many expected that the bike will have a sporty finish like the Yamaha R15, it is actually playing a safe game for now by competing Unicorn and Pulsar.

However this bike has better power than its competitors. The bike produces 15 bhp of power with its 150cc engine which is quite impressive. Also the bike has a digital console which displays the speed, engine rpm and fuel level. Even though the bike should have been equipped with mono shocks because it is the latest trend, the gas suspensions do a pretty good job like the Apache RTR.

If you are planning to buy a bike in the 150cc segment, it would be better if you can wait for the Suzuki GS150R. Once the bike is launched, it will be featured in online bike blogs and offline magazines. You can read the review and road test and then make a buying decision.

Get more information about this bike and view photos here: Suzuki GS150R Preview


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