Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 Horex VR6 Roadster

The distribution has three valves per cylinder, so the camshafts are different from each other: the rear six eccentric to operate the intake valves of the six “lay back, the central shaft has nine because it must handle the unloading of the rear cylinder bank and aspiration of the front and the tree has only front three cams for the three exhaust valves of the front bench. The layout engine Horex is truly unique, because its designers chose to construct a tested trialbero, With chain control, which drives the two shafts, and the inside is moved by the camshaft through a rear gear. The second advantage of this engine comes from the dimensions that are slightly higher than that of a four-line. and greatly reduce the weight.

The basic idea behind a narrow V-engine is the ability to build a six-cylinder technology without the complication of having two separate banks, Thus saving a great deal about mergers, chains, camshafts etc. The initials VR, immediately clarifies that this is a V-engine but also in line (from the German Reihen). Clemens Neese for applying two wheel and draws some technical aspects of what the planned Volkswagen few decades ago. The engine that drives the Horex was patented by the founder of the German, Mr.  The VR6 engines are nothing new, since the Volkswagen used them extensively in the past on its own Golf and CorradoBut they are a novelty among the absolute motion.


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