Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 New Horex VR6 Roadster

The maximum torque is declared over 150 Nm. These performances by the engineers of Horex are interesting because, depending on the configuration of charge, the maximum power is between 175 and 200 HP. This is belt-driven which, depending on the version, will carry a different gear ratio and therefore a different supply pressure.

The displacement is 1218 cm3Obtained by a piston and crankshaft by 68.0 mm by 55.0 mm, the compression ratio was kept low (9,0:1) because the Horex not pleased with the performance that this engine could have developed, have very decided to install a Rotrex supercharged radial. The solution we chose at that time, Volkswagen was different and included a completely flat head with intake and exhaust valves on the same level and combustion chamber derived almost entirely in the piston crown.

On closer inspection, however, the Exhibition in Cologne we saw another bike that boasts a six-cylinder engine, which uses, in addition, a completely new layout for the two wheels, the Horex VR6. The only other bike on the market that may include such a separation is in fact the Honda Goldwing well from 1832 cm3.  The BMW Motorrad Intermot has brought new K 1600 GT / GTL which is to operate in the motorcycle market in the small circle of vehicles driven by a propeller to six-cylinder.


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