Saturday, December 25, 2010

Yamaha Utility ATV

The entry model for the Grizzly is the super lightweight (152kg) Grizzly 125cc and fits onto most common trailers due to the overall length. The way that Yamaha ATV have marketed this is directly at the young rider who may not have been on a Quad Bike or ATV before. The engine is pretty much as reliable as any other Yamaha power plant and delivers an impressive power deliver and keeping ultra reliable to the end.

The 124cc air cooled engine starts right off the key thanks to the electric start system. The engine seems to be full of beans, not completely sure about the fun sector though which Yamaha boasts in the brochure but, then once you have been on one ATV they all seem to feel the same.

It has the standard two wheel drive system which uses an automatic gearbox, includes reverse and the final drive is supported by a chain. It much like the rest of the range has Load Racks front and rear which will take 5kg and 10kg respectfully.

The limitations again on colour leave much to be desired even though lets face it, they are not out to become beauty queens at the next pageant. The choice is "BLUE or GREEN".

Sometimes you have to sit back and look at what they are using it for before you cast your vote, but wouldn't it be nice just to see a small amount of bolt on goodies or even, ONE more colour in the range as long as it was not BLACK?

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